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Action Plan

  • 1 For each module, choose two lifestyle changes you are most likely to be able to make and, that will make a significant difference to your wellness.
  • 2 Choose one that you can implement tomorrow, and one that you’re not quite ready to implement right now but figure you will be soon.
  • 3 For each change – short and long term – identify three interventions you can practically make to help you reach your goal.

You’re most likely to see results if you work on an area where you record the highest number of symptoms. For example, if you identify more issues with your sleep than with any other aspect of your life, start with the ‘Sleep’ module. Start with the steps you’re most likely to be able to take. A sleep-related intervention you can make tomorrow might be to limit yourself to two cups of coffee a day. An intervention you could make four weeks down the line might be to buy blackout curtains for your bedroom.

Short term plan

Start tomorrow! Add notes of how, where, when & who?

Intermediate Plan

Start in about 4 weeks. Add notes of how, where, when & who?

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