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Welcome to EOV Wellness Project®

EOV Wellness Project® is a comprehensive online wellness program. Rooted in the Creating Shared Value concept developed at Harvard, our facts-based program brings you the distilled knowledge of decades of research by a global team of experts. Our program is accessible and adaptable. Drawing from healing practices and wisdom from around the world, our program empowers you to map and pursue your own path to well-being.

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Comprehensive Wellness

Wellness is all-encompassing, affecting many areas of our lives. It’s rarely about one isolated thing that needs a quick fix or a life hack. EOV Wellness Project® helps you examine your physical, emotional, social, and cognitive well-being from different angles and perspectives, all grounded in science and in-depth research. You’ll learn how to improve key aspects of your life – from sleep, to your approach to money, to fitness to your ties to your community.

The question that propels us at EOV Wellness Project® is: are we our best selves?

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The Experience

You experience the program in eight compelling virtual modules that are brief, but potent keys to understanding your personal well-being. Each lesson is a video that incorporates facts-based practical advice from a world-class physician. The modules are complemented by healing music composed specifically for the EOV Wellness Project®, and stunningly curated visuals, for a multi-sensory transformative learning experience.

The EOV Wellness Project® is insightful and pragmatic. It provides opportunities for a deep, 360 degree understanding of yourself through a reflection space where you can capture your learnings, and gather resources that support ongoing growth. Through participation, you’ll also receive a comprehensive action plan that helps you take the next steps towards better health and well-being.

For Individuals and Business

The EOV Wellness Project® is here to help you in one of the most turbulent times the world has seen – professionally and personally.

Whether you take The EOV Wellness Project® journey as an individual, or through your workplace, you get the same facts-based, research-backed advice. And we always take a one-size-fits-one approach.

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We believe that by wielding the right tools, by conserving and harnessing your energy and by getting to know yourself better, you will be more able to flow past life’s smaller obstacles and work around the bigger ones more effectively. If this path to wellness aligns with you, get started by trying one of our modules for free.

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The most challenging thing in the shifting nature of workplaces today is ensuring the overall well-being of employees. Through the EOV Wellness Project®, your employees can benefit from the tools and guidance they need to make rewarding, meaningful and productive changes in their lives.